About River Hitting

We teach the fundamentals of hitting, we teach the mentality of hitting, we also teach all of our athletes to fight, to believe, to keep showing up and to simply keep going!

- Spencer Runge -

Since 2013, River Hitting has focused on teaching athletes the game of softball and preparing them for the next level of play. It all began with one student in 2013 but now there are nearly 80 young athletes developing their skills and love of the game.

If they can hold a bat, they are eligible to take classes at River Hitting. This hands-on learning and early development is where athletes’ confidence levels rise and they learn the fundamentals of the game.

Classes range from half an hour to an hour long and are offered as many times a week as the athlete desires. Additionally, River Hitting offers speciality clinics that feature college athletes.

From beginner skill levels to advanced skill levels, there is a training class that is right for you.


(336) 416-6496